Harmonic Memories

I like us better in my memory

What would have become of us if I took us out

Drenched soaking wet from reality

Those beautiful smiles would’ve drowned

In the insecurities we kept hidden from each other


No, you are perfect just the way you are

tucked inside the corners of my mind

Sometimes, when I want to remember something good

Something to warm my insides, I take you out to play

I let you dance around my heart to the beating inside my chest

You were always so good at controlling every heart string

Never out of tune, never off beat

We were always so in sync


When I grow tired of you

Tired of the wear and tear you bring on this body

I pick you back up and tuck you back into those dark corners

I do not think of you anymore, but I know that you are there

The traces of you linger

Like a dream I can’t remember

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