The I love you unspoken

Silence fell between the two

Thick and intruding

Too defiant to interrupt

But he dared to test his luck


He asked the woman what was on her mind

And with one look she passed all of her thoughts onto him

She told him she was afraid

That tattooing her feelings on the sleeves of her body made her uncomfortable

That it frightened her to link her happiness to an individual that could so easily take it all away


She told him that the vulnerability was suffocating

That her mind often sent signals for her legs to run

But her heart kept interrupting

And her legs were glued to the ground of sinking quicksand


Those unwavering eyes told timeless love stories

While her body shook

Told him how much she loved him

And has loved him since the moment they met


She told him she’d stand with him regardless of her fears

That choosing her would be the best decision of his life

But when it came time to finally answer him

She said, “nothing, I am fine.”

But he knew without her saying a single word

Silently telling her what she knew too

That in another life he could have loved her too

And with nothing more to say

They let the air continue to thicken

Until it was time to part ways

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