The forgotten woman

She looked at the world with brand new eyes

Tear stained and skeptical

Her brilliant eyes dulled

Numbed over from the constant pain

She hardened

Body rigid

She built a wall around her heart

Keeping outsiders from breaking her for the last time

She found distrust in your smiles

She saw through the blanket of dust you swept under the rug

She was broken

But within her shattered pieces

She found wisdom

You think she’s judgmental and uncompromising

But she is just aware of the truths you sugarcoat with your pretty little lies

You find it hard to love such an nonconforming woman

But she is the haphazard construction of what the world has made her to be

She is the ugly truth of the world

She is the pessimistic future lurking

She is the tears and cries unheard

She is the known that must not be spoken

She is why my heart is heavy

She is a collection of my pain and fears

She is everything and nothing at all

But you can’t see her yet right?

She is just a figment of your imagination

Undeserving of your attention

How much longer before she’s mentioned?

How much longer before SHE’S mentioned?

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