A broken home

He demands you to take shape into the embodiment of his desires

You want to please

So you become less yourself

More effaced

Someone else

You do not recognize yourself anymore


He tells you someone like you cannot be loved by others

He is the only one

He believes he is saving you from a lifetime of loneliness

Somewhere down a road long deserted

Out of use. Not in service.

You know this is not true


You pretend that the misconception of love does not make your heartache

You put band-aids on wounds that will never heal

Not for his peace of mind but for yours


The house is rotting

You can see the foundation slowly crumbling from the pillars

But you stay


Where else is there to go

You’ve made a home out of a man who is undeserving

But everyone knows

A home so desperately built is not so easy to walk away from


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