The girl in your dreams

Don’t you just love when you find someone new

Before everything becomes so deep

And their flaws begin to seep through


So how do you like me now

After you’re done painting your pictures of me

Are you wowed by the fact that I don’t stand on your pedestals


Let me tell you that this pretty face

Has a personality underneath

She is in no way your Hail Mary

Or your sex goddess for your release


So how do you like me now that you’ve discovered

And uncovered that the person in your mind

Were just creations full of lies

that you’ve been fantasizing all this time

Silly dreams to pass the time

Not seeing her for who she is

Losing the person deep inside


So will you still want her once you know

She’s not the version in your mind

Or have you decided

You don’t like it

And she’s just a waste of time


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