Mr. Repo Man

First it was my sight, so that I was unable to look at anyone else

I was blinded until eyesight wasn’t needed anymore

Then it was my smile; one look at you and I’d melt

Reserved only for the best, I began to smile less and less

Then it was my hand that reached for you in the dark

Heightened senses couldn’t even predict that you’d leave me standing there to starve.

My ears wouldn’t hear of the doubters and the naysayers

Just to listen to your words peeled back the layers of betrayal

My legs moved to the beat of your step

And my heart clung to your elaborate spun webs

My brain rationalized your lies that crept into the back of my head

You took and you took until there was nothing left

And I’ve got nothing left to give

You’ve taken it all away

What made you think that you were justified?

Picking me apart to secure your own happiness

What made you think I could survive, deprived of the basic things essential to life?

Was it because with every bit of me you took I pushed through to act strong?

Well you were wrong.

There are some pieces that will never fit the way they were once they are broken.

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