Loving to the beat of your waves

The worst part was its unpredictability.

Sometimes you are caressed and ravished by its tantalizing wave. You bask in the delight of this ocean and you can see yourself floating for days on end. To be torn away from this beauty of an ocean would be like tearing the soul from the flesh. Hollowed from the pain, you are left with nothing more than the skin and bones of your body to keep you from crumbling to the ground.

Sometimes those beautiful waves can turn into the very monster you knew was always there. True fear lies in the uncertainty in the fate of what will become of you. And just like a nightmare stepping out of a dream, you are thrashed from behind by the aggression of the waves, torn from the walls of its comfort and safety, and thrusted under. In the confusion you blackout, without even realizing you are drowning. Funny thing is, you always thought you’d go down with a better fight, but instead you were dragged blindly to the bottom of its sea.

You see, to be in love with the sea is a tricky thing. It has a way of carrying you away, sweeping you off your feet, until you’re too far gone to catch yourself.  Try as you might, you have no control over its waves, and so you are left at the mercy of its ebb and sway.

The worst part was its unpredictability.

But loving its nature was torture too.

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