Where you’ll find those memories

Sometimes there will be moments when you come across a certain place and it takes your breath away. Not because the place is particularly beautiful or stands out, but because it triggers a series of memories that were buried away. That place will bring out emotions that you thought were gone and perhaps really are long gone, but to see a place that once held such happy memories still burns. And you don’t know why, but there’s a displaced loss in your heart that you know will never quite get the closure it deserves.

It’s strange that a single place can cause a chain of once upon of times to flood into your whole being and leave you breathless, chocked, and off balanced. Your mind runs through all of the storming events that once was until you’re finally in this moment, the present, staring at a bar through a forested window wondering what was the defining moment that you knew it was over, that led you here.

What do you do with the emotions that have long since been abandoned? You are not the rightful owner to these feelings anymore, so you know you can’t keep them. You’re not the you you used to be and you know you can’t change the way things ended even if you wanted to.

To my tropical storm lover, you were always a hurricane leaving destruction in its rein. And even after you left, I can still see the remnants of your disaster. You shook me. Brought out in me something raw and unhinged. But you also dampened my flame, and for that my dear, I will always sorely regret.

But those were of worser times…

So I left my memories of you at the bar, where there was a happier you and me.

5 thoughts on “Where you’ll find those memories

    1. You must be hurting too, and if you are, I am sorry for that. Denial is what holds us back. Words give us the little release we need to keep moving forward. Words allow us to see things from a different perspective. The words we weren’t quite willing to say ourselves. Thank you for relating and feeling my same vibes.

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