The fearless run from our fears: What are you running from?

Alone the two sat, side by side as they worked on their separate things. The young daughter knew there was something on her mother’s mind, but feared she was in for a long talk. So, she stayed in silence. It didn’t matter which one dared to bring it up, she knew her mother best and it was bound to come up eventually.

Finally, the mother turned to her daughter and asked, “what fears and desires are you running from?” The daughter was taken aback. She hadn’t expected this and for some reason she found herself annoyed. Being the spit fire she was, she went on the defense. In what way was she running from something? When have I ever back down from anything? What right do you have to tell me about my life?

All of these things swirled in her mind until she couldn’t hold it back anymore. Her blood ran cold and in the most metaphoric sense, she could not see. Had she been running from anything? If she was, she sure as hell wasn’t going to admit it now. Frustration and anger boiled over and the daughter finally spit back, “ I have never ran from anything, nor will I ever. What makes you think I’m running from something?” Immediately, she felt guilty, like a liar, but she was too stubborn to admit it. With nothing more than a knowing look, the mother left the daughter to her thoughts.

You see everyone has desires. Something that they hold dear. Something that they value wholeheartedly. We believe that with enough effort, with enough nurturing, we can take what we want with our own two hands and make it into something beautiful, but every desire comes with its own set of fears.

We run from our desires because of our fears, and in turn we run from our fears. When we are young the fear does not exist. We can be whatever we want to be. Hell, we can even be all of these things at once if we want. Our minds tell us that there is no limit and so we are the fireman and the ballerina and football player and the astronaut and the doctor. We run full speed for the sky and we shine brighter than any star or any sun. Through life however, some of us learn what happens to those who get too close to the sun. They tell us we’ll get burned or we’ll get hurt, so we run.

I run from dreams, because I fear I won’t be successful. I run because of the risk. I run because of the challenges that may exist. I run from a love I fear may never come. I run from heartbreak. I run from pain. I run from all the things that can make me stay in one place, but even the act of running is a painful thing.

The daughter felt guilty because she knew she had told a lie. Just as the daughter felt she knew her mother best, the mother knew her daughter better than anyone else as well. There was no need for anymore words to be spoken because with a simple question, she knew she had gotten her message across. That long conversation that the daughter thought she’d have turned out to not be with her mother, but with herself.
What fears and desires are you running from?


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