After the pain goes away

Are you in pain?

Have you been suffering too?

Do they think you’re lost? That you’ve lost your way?

Baby, they don’t realize we’re not lost.

We just don’t belong to the silly perceptions they’ve put us in.

Are you with doubt?

Are you trying to figure some things out?

Baby, I don’t have the answers you’re looking for,

but I’d give you my words of comfort if I knew it would be enough to make it all go away.

But babe, this time I’ve got nothing.

I’m afraid my words can’t possibly convey what I want to say.

Regardless, let this rambling girl rock your chaotic soul to sleep tonight.

Maybe even you don’t realize you’re not as lost as you might seem, but trust me when I say, the way I see you is as clear and candescent as the peeking blue skies after a violent storm.

So you’ve been dealt a few bad cards. Put them back in the deck and I’ll reshuffle them for you because settling for anything less than what you want and deserve is unacceptable.

So you’ve been in a rut. That’s okay. Use me to get back up because I know it’s only temporary. I know you’re capable of standing on your own.

After the pain subsides, maybe it’s my wishful thinking, but I know you’ll come to the right conclusion.

So here’s a not so secret secret. One thing I know about pain is that there’s always a healing period that occurs after. Whether it may be immediately, days from now, weeks, or even years it always occurs and the strength that comes with it will give you new meaning. But you knew that right?

And I know you don’t need me, but I just want to say… I know you’ll be okay.

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