My ocean breeze lover 

He is someone whose words crash into me like waves in the night. My ocean breeze lover. He is someone too intricate for my wandering mind, but just for a second, he’s able to still me in time. He is someone who is a thief because he has the ability to take my breathe away. His warmth, his strength, his honesty encircles me, swallows me whole, and carries me back into his ocean. He surrounds me, but I am not suffocating. I am his prisoner, but I do not feel confined. I actually don’t mind it and I’d love if just for a while you could be mine and I didn’t have to share you with anyone else.

My ocean breeze lover.

He is someone whose love is aggressive and strong, but he is not abusive.

He is my protector.

My ocean breeze lover.

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