She’s too young for you bro

I work in a male dominated career field where the word female is nonexistent. Being around guys everyday I hear and see it all and I can honestly say that I believe that all men are just little boys dressed up in grown men bodies. They still like to play petty jokes that only they get, mimic you when you get flustered, and use sexual jokes as compliments. Be that as it may, they are still men with full time jobs and cars and homes and stability.

On occasion, my guys would harass me to show them pictures of my friends, but I refused. It wasn’t because I was jealous or trying to cock block, I honestly thought of most of the guys there as an older brother figure to me. I also knew that my friends wouldn’t mind me showing pictures of them and that allowing my guys to see a picture or two was harmless, but there was something else holding me back.

I am younger than all of the guys at my job. I am a part timer still in college. This means that the money and the stability and the homes are lacking in my department. With that being said, my friends are all the same.

In asking to see my friends and in asking if any of them were single, I found it a bit strange. It’s perplexing to think that these guys would ever want a girl that was still trying to make some thing of herself. I couldn’t imagine any of them wanting me or any of my friends simply because we had not claimed complete independence yet. We may be in college away from our parents during school, but where do we return to during our breaks?

I was left pondering, what could a 28 to 30 year old possibly want with a female barely out of her parents house? On dates what do you do? Pick her up at her parent’s house? That’s just embarrassing! You’ll never have the same friend circle because her friends will never fit into your grown up lifestyle. Do you not realize that when she was in the 4th grade, you had already graduated high school? Hell, you had probably completed some college by the time she reached the 4th grade.

I personally love an older guy, but even my self-esteem falters next to a guy that is just so well put together.

What relationship could ever be established with a 30 year old and a baby faced college girl? How could he ever take you seriously? I wish I could be more optimistic, but I personally do not think that it could ever work.

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